Good News! Or maybe not…

Heyyy! I have decided to “reproduce” scripts for Korean dramas! I realised that while it is definitely helpful to learn Korean through Korean dramas with English subtitles, a lot of time I have no idea what someone is saying in Korean. It’s really hard to find videos of Korean dramas with Korean subtitles too, so I thought it will be helpful for everyone and myself if I can try to figure it out and post it here! I want to emphasise that I claim absolutely no credit for this, as it is the script writers that came up with the script, and not me. While this is 100% NOT my credit/idea, it is 100% my efforts to “sub” it here!

To all kind souls out there:

PLEASE tell me if this is illegal or something. I don’t want to go to jail for my passion.


I Am A Liar

I am a liar.

Look at my last post and you will know what I am talking about. I shan’t explain much. I just didn’t feel like blogging. I almost gave up on this blog and was more busy with my new instashop and k-variety shows like Roommate and Running Man. Oh and I have stopped watching dramas. Like finally.

This few months have been a dramatic riot of emotions and happenings. I don’t wanna elaborate. Just know that I am not doing very well in my studies but at least my social life has improved a little. Well, kinda. I seriously can’t wait till life after O levels. It’s coming soon and I can sense it, but O levels will come first. It makes me sick to think about my possible results, especially for Maths and Chem.

Life is screwed on many different layers. I really just feel so peaceful at times, yet turbulent emotions choose to jolt through my mind just when everything seems in place. At those times, everything just closes in and I go: No. It’s just a dream.

But now, it’s only 2 months left. If I haven’t wake up from my dream, it’s high time I slap myself awake.

Today, I am just stopping by for some quick and more light-hearted updates.

I discovered GEMS in Singapore.

Haha nah they are actually just home-based salons. I think it’s a really cool concept because I will probably just feel awkward if I go to public salons. This is probably the closest I can to having a private beautician/manicurist/hairstylist for now. It’s wallet friendly too.

I think I am lucky to be living near some of the better-known and well-established home-based salons in Singapore. I found an eyelash extension salon and a facial salon really near my place of residence. However, my hairstylist doesn’t live so near me but it’s okay. If everything goes well, I will be in the hands of these professionals in the days leading up to prom. I’ve already scheduled appointments with my eyelash technician(?) and hairstylist. I am trying to get an appointment with my beautician and also on the mission of finding a home based nail salon.

These are what has been keeping me alive. A glimmer of hope that never dies.


The Unreliable Reliance


Typing this out with Skinfood’s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask on my face hehe. It’s my second try, and if I am asked to describe this mask with a sentence at this point of time, I guess I will say this.


Haha yes no kidding lol. It smells so nice, I had to stop myself from swiping some from my face and licking it off my finger. Okay, this sounds weird but yeah. My point is, it smells (and probably tastes) delicious.

This is not a review but oh well, I am just gonna voice my current thoughts. Unlike the first time, this mask feels like it’s heating up on my face now. And the tightening effect seems less obvious as compared to the first time. Hmmm… I hope nothing is wrong.

Okay, 10 minutes is up! Time to rinse it off~ Be back in a bit 🙂

Back in bed with a can of iced lemon tea! Fun fact about Mitchie: She loves green tea. If there’s no green tea, lemon tea will do.

Okay I diverted a lot, as usual~ Back on track to our topic of the day, a.k.a #totd – The Unreliable Reliance. If you have read my previous posts, you would already have known about this friend of mine called Eurony. Besides being a really close friend, she is also my studymate. We started studying together in May, and we just kept it going for almost every week. The reason why I love studying with her is because I find my study sessions to be quite productive with her. However, things started changing in June, the current month. Study dates with her started getting less and less productive. We are not very sure what went wrong – hell, it could be anything from our moods to the study environment. However, we are sure that if this goes on, we are gonna screw prelim one so bad. Also, we realised that we tend to slack when we are not out studying together. Today, we made a decision that I thought we will never make: to study by ourselves at home for the rest of the holidays.

Our theory is that we have grown too reliant on each other, such that we only felt motivated to study when the other person is around. However, this motivation is slowly weaning off as well. I highly suspect that the root of this so-called motivation stems from the initial excitement of studying with a distanced friend. But now that we have closed our gaps so much more, the excitement is wearing off rapidly, and so is the motivation that came with it.

We then recalled how we used to be able to study at home independently. After much consideration, we decided to take a huge risk and trust ourselves to have the discipline to study alone at home. Yes, note how I said “take a huge risk and trust ourselves” lol.

Well, the decision is made, there’s nothing else we can do now but to try and keep our promises to ourselves and each other. We even agreed to wake up at the same time to study. We settled on 9:30am tomorrow, but I will probably be getting up earlier for a trip to Giant (a supermarket) to get what I need for lunch. Yeah I plan on making a healthy and economical lunch for the first time in my life. How else will I get the fuel to study? Heh.

Off to research more on healthy, quick and easy lunch recipes! If all goes well, I will be back tmr night to blog about my two missions, which I proudly named Operation Solo Warrior and Operation Chef4Lunch.

P.S. I might be postponing Operation Chef4Lunch till Monday because tmr is a Sunday and my dad might be at home! Eek. I don’t want my parents to see me cooking. They might get all naggy that I am just going to screw everything up with my lack of experience, or, in their words, my act-smartness. LOL there’s no such word but nobody cares.

The Belated Update

Hello people. I am so sorry for temporarily neglecting this blog. Truth is, I was not that busy, and I really wanted to blog but I just didn’t. Sigh… I am typing this out now while on the way to meet two sellers (from Carousell) in Tanjong Pagar. I realised, once again, that I have an extremely limited wardrobe selection LOL. So, I went for a tiny shopping spree on Carousell yesterday. For those who don’t know, Carousell is a Singapore app created specially for Singaporeans to sell and buy things. Or even trade. It’s just a giant online market.

This time, the items I bought were really great steals. There’s this  pair of scallop shorts at $5, this nice, pink off-shoulder top that goes well with any shorts or jeans at $6. According to the seller, she bought it at $12!! And it’s new somemore! Hehehe what luck. After that, I will be going up to Bukit Gombak to meet another seller. This time, it is for a 15-colour concealer palette. Apparently, eBay sells it too, and many bloggers raved about it. I don’t really like shopping in eBay, so yuppp.

Awww I have reached way ahead of time. Well actually, I haven’t really. I am at Outram Park, which is just one stop away from Tanjong Pagar. I am supposed to meet the seller at 5.10pm, and it’s only 4:45 now so yeah.

Ehh. It’s kinda awkward here. The train came and everyone boarded while I am just sitting down with my fingers flying across my keypad. Okay, I am not that fast a typer, but you got it. I must have seemed like some sms-maniac LOL.

I am kinda wishing that I had stopped at Tiong Bahru station instead. I don’t know why, but Tiong station has this really nice fragrance. Like some hotel/aircon fragrance I can’t really describe hahaha. Okay I am weird, but I know there are people who think the same way ha.

Now, let’s backtrack a little, shall we? Hmm when did I last blog? Last sat? Okay. So I basically slacked around for Sunday and Monday. I was busy watching Hotel King LOL. So much for studying. Did I mention that one of my fave Korean actors, Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) is the lead in this drama? His co-star, Lee Da Hae (이다해) is super gorgeous too. Her eyes *-* and the show itself is damn nice, especially the first 15 episodes or so. Then after that, it started getting confusing and I lost interest a little. It’s still nice though.

Okay I am at home now, and it’s 9:04. I realised I don’t look all that great in that pink pullover… Or maybe because I tried it on without taking off my lime green school tee, so it looks weird xD

Okay, picking up from where I left off! After two days of slacking, I met up with Eurony for another study date on tue, slacked again on wed, and studied with her again on thu. Today, friday, I slacked again and just spent the whole day scrolling through listings after listings on carousell and hopping from place to place to meet sellers. Pfft. Yes, I am horrible, I know. You must feel so cheated if you saw my ‘Back To Reality (Because Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses)’ post. So much for those big, philosophical words. So much for living life to the fullest. Even now, the devil inside me whispers. “Come on! Living life to the fullest means doing what you want and love. Shopping is both what you want and love, so why not?”

The angel yells back angrily. “That’s not true!! Living life to the fullest means giving your best at everything you do and not giving up until you achieve your goals! That way, you can be truly happy. At your age, studies take precedence over all but health, and you should try your best at it. THIS, is living life to the fullest. Doing what you need to do to the best of your ability.”

In this heated argument, I realised something. Both are right. Yes, you read that right. Both the angel and devil are right. Yes, it is important to do what I want and love in life. It’s my life, and I shouldn’t live the way others want me to. IT’S MY LIFE. But the angel is right too. The only way to attain true happiness is to work hard at something I know I need to do and enjoy the fruits of my effort, knowing that I have done my very best. Why? Because after the sense of achievement, I can finally do the things I truly want to do without worrying about the the things I need to do. On the other hand, if I keep on prioritising the things I WANT to do over the things I NEED to do, I can never be free of the things I need to do, and that moment of happiness I gained from doing what I want to do will be short-lived. For after that fleeting illusion comes sleepless nights filled with worries and anxiety; comes a reality as bleak as the vast ocean without a single soul.

P.S. Yes, abrupt ending but I hope to leave these words ringing in your minds. It’s hard to always do something you don’t want to, and it takes an incredible amount of self-discipline too. I am not saying that you can’t take a break and indulge, but at the end of the day, just before you sleep, reflect a little. Ask yourself if you over-indulged. I definitely did, and it’s a mistake I must learn to correct. It will take time, but I don’t have too much of it until my finals. For those of you out there who still have plenty of time, remember this: Time and tide waits for no man. None at all.

P.S.P.S. Will do a separate post on my buys today, WITH PICTURES. I promise! HAHA.

Shopping Spree x Makeup Fiasco & The Unplanned Study Date

Today was a hectic day.

“What, hectic? Oh c’mon, you are just using that as an excuse for not exercising, aren’t you?”

Wrong. I exercised okay. Ha. In your face.

The day started out pretty well. With a thunderstorm. Before you start wondering if I am being sarcastic or plain crazy, hear me out. I think it is a good thing because these few days have been so hot; I am starting to think that Singapore is one big, diamond-shaped oven. Besides, I will be under shelter in the comfort of West Mall. What have I got to worry about?

As usual, I went up to Watsons on the second level of the mall and made a beeline for the makeup section. At first, I was happily testing the blushes, bronzers and foundations on my backhand and wrist. It was not until both my hands were smeared with makeup did I reach for my wipes… And realise I left them at home.

In case you don’t know, most Watsons and Guardian outlets in Singapore do not provide tissues of any kind by the makeup counter. I remembered reminding myself to bring my wipes the night before. I remembered seeing my wipes in the morning. Hell, I even took it and… Placed it on my bed.

Seriously? Desperately, I went around the store hunting for non-rinse makeup remover testers. Finally, I found one. It’s from Bifida. I was delighted when I saw that it is advertised as being capable of removing makeup without water. I quickly squeezed some onto my palm and rubbed it all over my hands. But wait… Why isn’t the makeup coming off? I dispensed some more of it. Still, the results were rather unsatisfactory. I let out an exasperated sigh and deemed the product useless. In the end, I only got a Benzac AC 2.5 Gel from the store.

Unwilling to end my shopping spree just like this, I made my way down to Guardian. Yes, I was still hopefully searching for a better makeup remover. My search was fruitless, and I only picked up Revlon’s Nearly Naked Pressed Powder for my base makeup. I failed to find a satisfactory concealer. I was about to check out and leave the store when a label caught my eye – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! I stopped in my tracks and went to investigate. Guess what? It’s the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick! Each of these babies retail for S$18.90. One for one free? On! So even though I didn’t set out to buy lip colours, I went home with two of these babies. I shall do a review on them next time!

When I got home, Wendy (my friend for almost 7 years) asked me out for a study date. So, out I went again after a quick and extremely unhealthy lunch of Maggi curry noodles. For those who don’t know, it’s just Singapore’s version of instant noodles with curry seasoning.

We went to mac to study. It was a wrong choice. We studied history for one hour before Wendy was tempted by the food. Even though I don’t have the urge to eat it, I bought some McWings for myself because fried chicken is always welcome. I paid S$5.85 for the set meal, which came with medium fries and a drink. Now, I didn’t really want the fries and drink, but hey, if I order just the chicken, I have to pay $4. Somehow paying an extra $1.85 for the drinks and fries made everything seem so much more worth it. Okay, I know. I gotta stop being so obsessed with calculating everything’s worth at the expense of, say, my health. In the end, I drank only half of my Sprite and shared some of my fries with Wendy. Lesson learnt: Buy only what is necessary, not what seems more value for money.

Another hour of eating and chatting passed. We decided that we have no more mood for studying. Off to the Bukit Batok Nature Park we went. It was a wrong choice too. Thanks to my shoes which were obviously not suitable for hiking, my feet suffered.

I then recalled my exercise plans. In the end, I dragged her along with me to the fitness corner near my house and started doing the Drop 10 Workout. Man, was it tough. I didn’t manage to complete everything. I did most though, so NO JUDGING. It’s my first attempt at this, okay?

After our “mini” workout, I was drained. And dazed. We just sat there for some time, staring into space, our minds blank. It was a good feeling though. At times like this, I fell a little deeper in love with working out. I know I want to do it again. And I will, soon.

Dinner was takeaway Hor Fun from the hawker centre near my house, and after replying to a few emails and messages on Kakaotalk, I went out to the living room and guess what. The TV is on, and so is the ad for the exact same Bifida makeup remover I saw (and used) earlier this morning. I sneered at the ad, until I saw the model removing her makeup with a cotton pad.

What? A… Cotton pad…? Then, it hit me. Damn. What was I thinking of, trying to remove makeup without a cotton pad? I suspect that I was too impressed with how alcohol hand sanitizers clean by disappearing in my palms, that I thought that a non-rinse makeup remover can remove makeup too by disappearing in my palms. Well, disappear it did. But without a cotton pad, don’t even think about removing your makeup with a non-rinse makeup remover. I felt so stupid. Well, just let this be the second #lotd – lesson of the day. LOL.

Back To Reality (Because Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses)

Hi! Rushing this out before the clock hits twelve again.

Today’s study date was extremely unproductive. And it’s no one’s fault. Well, maybe it’s mine. But hey, I am just starting to get back on track after almost two wasted weeks of vacation. Honestly, the word ‘wasted’ came out rather reluctantly. While yes, in terms of academics productivity, there is no better word, it was definitely a wonderful two weeks to me. Full of korean dramas, being treated like a princess during meals cos of my surgery, and total absence from all my holiday lessons. Is that cool or cool? LOL.

But now… Two weeks have almost gone past. Every night, I will lay in bed and ask myself: Is this how you want to live your life? Did you forget what you promised yourself? If today was the last day of your life, can you proudly say that you have lived a fulfilling life?

No, no, and no. I don’t want to live my life this way, slacking and lazing around all day. It may be relaxing and fun and all, but I don’t want to. Why? Because I made a promise to myself to try. To try and make a difference in my own life, since I can’t help change others’ life. I want to try being a better person. And lazing around, wasting my days away is definitely not the way to improve myself. And why did I make the promise? Because I asked myself a question — “If today was the last day of your life, can you proudly say that you have lived a fulfilling life?” No.

So, try I will. Yes, today was totally unproductive. But at least I tried. Trying is a huge feat in itself. As long as I tried, I can put my mind to rest a little. With each day, I will try a bit more. Just a bit. So that I can put my mind to rest a little bit more each day. This way, even if I end up falling short of my goals and people’s expectations, I can lift my chin up and tell the world, “I have tried my best. My very best.” This way, I can smile at my results slip, no matter what the outcome is. This way, I can put everything behind me and move on to the next phase of my life, without a care in the world.

For there is a hefty price to pay for freedom. Not physically, but freedom of the mind, freedom of the soul.

Okay. I know. This didn’t turn out the way I expected it to, either. I thought I will be blogging about my unproductive-ness and the lunch I ate, which was the fillet meal at mac. Oh well. I guess my philosopher mode is on. Either that, or I am just being acting emo.

Ah damn. The clock just struck twelve. I wanted this to be yesterday’s post. But all this within 20 minutes is quite impressive, even if I say so myself. LOL. Someone save me from my narcissism. Nah jk I am not a narcissist. I actually have a lot of self image issues. And no I don’t mean that in a I-think-I-am-fat kind of way. Well, I don’t mind losing some of that fat but I will only do it through healthy means like exercising.

Speaking of exercising, it’s been really loooong since I last went for a good run. It was before the holidays. Tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. Now, before you start sneering at the “if it doesn’t rain” part, hold your horses. Even if it does, I will work out at home okay. I will do this!


Saw this on Pinterest. It promises that you will shed 10 pounds in two weeks if you do it daily. I highly doubt it, but no harm trying. Besides, improving my fitness level takes priority over melting those fat.

Oops. I just spotted something. 100 crunches? That’s… erm… I… I mean, I am good at sit-ups, but 100…? Uh, now I know why the big promise. Even if this doesn’t help me shed those pounds, it sure will get my heart up and pumpin’.

Another extremely long post without much pictures. I am sorry but I don’t intend on getting my phone’s cam fixed anytime soon. I would rather get a new phone lol. And I certainly do not intend to get a camera. I don’t camwhore. Or maybe I do but I don’t post it online. It’s just not my style. I would rather take pictures of my food. Or cute animals. Or even an orange leaf lying on the pavement. Anything but humans. Anything but humans and I will be more than happy to share those pictures here and on Instagram. I actually get kinda uncomfortable when people ask me to join them for a picture for no reason at all. Like, if it’s not a special occasion and just another normal day, why? WHY. To me, photos are for memory. Taking them so excessively only spoils its significance to me. This is just how I feel. I don’t expect anyone to agree or disagree, because it’s just me, and I am just a face among the 7 billion faces on Earth.


LOL suddenly thought of this as I was typing. Saw this on Twitter and retweeted it. You… get it don’t ya? Haha I am sure you do. More on this next time. This post is getting too long.

P.S. Going on a mini drugstore shopping spree tomorrow! AND I AM SO HAPPY BECAUSE OF MY NEW KOREAN FRIENDS THEY ALL SEEM SO SWEET :> I want to do snail mail with them how cool will that be gosh.

P.S.P.S. I just noticed even though I published this after 12, it’s still dated 13 June. Hooray! I will be back tomorrow later today/on sunday to blog about my shopping spree and workout ^^

Hangover – PSY ft. SnoopDogg (ft. G-Dragon)

“OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!” Well, doesn’t that sound (annoyingly) familiar? Guess who’s the singer? Yes, of course the infamous PSY who pretty much shot to fame after the release of ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’. Now, he is back again, joined by SnoopDogg. This pair working together is bound to create sparks, but what? Here’s the answer.


The mv starts with PSY sleeping after, apparently, drinking the previous night.


Of course, we all know that puking is a granted after chugging down beer.


Appearance of SnoopDogg.


The rather cute(?) contents of PSY’s vomit.


SnoopDogg helping PSY get all those stuff outta his system.


The duo brushing their teeth furiously. Something I cannot do at the moment LOL.


And of course, PSY’s mv will never be complete without hot chicks dancing suggestively.


I think this scene is quite cool actually.


PSY sure loves soaking in hot springs. But is that really one?


Look who got their eyes on PSY and company.


Ahjummas from earlier hitting on PSY  and SnoopDogg. WHUT ._.


Cmon. Who dances in front of a taxi?


Appearance of the ever-handsome G-Dragon.


G-Dragon’s mike-throwing trick lol.


Look who got married.


The focus is on the spoon PSY threw.


… Spoon, where are you going?


Uh oh.


Bruce Lee to the rescue?


Someone’s on fire.




PSY blocking SnoopDogg. Nah jk. It’s his ending pose.


SnoopDogg ends with a flash of his gold necklace. Yes, we got it. You are rich.

Whew! What a picture-heavy post. My WordPress app kept on crashing due to the number of pictures uploaded. Sorry. This is to make up for the lack of photos for the past few posts. For me, only 4 letters can be used to describe this mv.



Hey so I just got back from the dentist’s and as promised, I am here to blog about getting my stitches out. I woke up at 8.30am and left the house at 10. Yep, I need 1.5 hours to get ready. Nah jk. I was actually done and ready to go by 9.30 but who wants to be in a place without wifi? So, I decided to reply some emails with the extra time.

When I was ready to leave, I went crazy trying to find my keys. They are missing 80% of the time lol. In the end, I found them buried under a stack of papers in my drawers. *facepalms myself x10000000*

Now to the real thing itself. I went into the office and was greeted by my surgeon and his assistant. Oh, did I mention that my surgeon has this really cute way of talking? It’s almost like he is acting cute lol. Nvm, that’s not the point. He asked me if it hurts after the surgery and I just said no. I told him one of the threads came loose and he chuckled. Yes, he chuckled. And I have no idea why ._. I was thinking: Huh? Funny meh? LOL.

It hurt a little when he actually took out my stitches. The tweezer-like tool he used kept on poking into my gums and it’s sorta painful, like mini injections. Still, it was quite bearable and definitely better than when I got anaesthesised. And his assistant kept using a dental mirror (?) to push back my upper lip. That darn mirror was pushed really hard against my gum though. Ouch. Btw, I am scolding the tools instead of the people because I am nice. Thank goodness it’s all over within a few minutes. Overall, it is somewhere between a little to moderately painful. Nevertheless, I sure am glad that those threads are gone from my mouth. They feel weird.

After that, I asked my surgeon if it will be painful when my orthodontist starts pulling out my teeth using the gold chains. He was like, “不会啦。你有绑牙对吗? 紧紧的 lor,” (“No la. You got braces right? Will have a tight feeling lor.”) in that cute (?) voice. LOL. He seems very blur and cute in a gong-type of way but I guess he isn’t blur or gong if not he wouldn’t be a surgeon hahaha. It’s just the way he talks and his looks. I meant all this in a good way btw. Not judging ^_^

Sigh going back to see my orthodontist on 25 june. I think he will start pulling my teeth down then. Good luck to me. I am still a little worried that it will hurt though. I no longer trust people when they tell me something doesn’t hurt. LOL my broken trust.

I am sorry I know I am lame.

Eating cherries now. Honestly, I don’t like them but mum said it’s good for females (you know why) so I have to eat it. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, and yes, I know cherries cost a bomb in Singapore, but the red juice is just euhhh and the taste is just urhhhh. Okay what am I talking about? Go and try one, and if we have similar tastebuds, and taste in general, you will know what I mean.


P.S. Sorry there are no accompanying pictures once again (except for the cherries). Firstly, my phone cam is down. Secondly, I am sure none of you are interested in my teeth. Sorreh :< And I didn’t name-drop in this post because as you saw, I didn’t say wonderful things about them lol. And it’s not a review so yeah. If you want to know, drop me an email at

P.S.P.S. Going on a study date with Eurony tmr! It’s been so long 😦 Will blog about it tmr or on sat 🙂

My Longest Email

Emails from my new Korean friends!

Hi! Just wanna do a quick update before the clock hits 12 midnight. On monday, I set up an account with Students of the World. For those who don’t know, it is a penpal site where you can meet new friends from all over the world. I messaged a few Koreans around my age using the message feature. I started getting replies and emails since yesterday.

One of them in particular was really good in english, to the point where I might have mistaken her as someone from a country with english as the first language had I not known that she was a Korean. I was really, really impressed. She asked me some questions (nothing too personal), which I eagerly proceeded to answer. Before I knew it, I sent the longest email I have ever written in my whole life. She then replied with one that is almost as long as mine. Once again, I was awed by her fluency in english.

I really hope that I can build lasting friendships with my new friends. It will be nice if I have local friends to meet up with when I visit Korea next time. Also, I hope I can get a chance to practise my Korean with them even though I have a feeling that they might want to converse in English instead. Perhaps they want to practise English? Haha.

Also, they were all really impressed when I used a little bit of Korean in my messages! I realised that even a simple “안녕하세요” which means ‘hello’ in korean made them go, “Oh! You know korean?” and if I formed basic sentences like “이동욱는 정말 좋아해요.” (I really like Lee Dong Wook), they went “Wow! Your korean is really good!” Haha I am feeling quite proud of myself with all the praises pouring in! Although I really shouldn’t because my korean is nowhere near an elementary school kid’s level. Some of them are also really flattered by my interest in their country! I mean, if a foreigner is interested in Singapore, I will most definitely be flattered too, but don’t Koreans know how awesome their country is? South Korea has already swept the world by storm with Hallyu stars, kdramas, kpop, kfashion and k-whatever-you-name. Still, it’s great that they are appreciative and humble.

I really can’t wait to meet more friends! If you want to meet friends from all parts of the world, I strongly recommend you visit
I hope you forge lasting friendships and gain a lot of knowledge about other countries!


P.S. In around 10 more mins it will be a new day again! Going to get unstitched 😉 see my  second post for more info! One of my stitches undid itself oops. I really hope it doesn’t hurt to take out the rest of the stitches. Will blog about it tomorrow.

Until then ♥