I Am A Liar

I am a liar.

Look at my last post and you will know what I am talking about. I shan’t explain much. I just didn’t feel like blogging. I almost gave up on this blog and was more busy with my new instashop and k-variety shows like Roommate and Running Man. Oh and I have stopped watching dramas. Like finally.

This few months have been a dramatic riot of emotions and happenings. I don’t wanna elaborate. Just know that I am not doing very well in my studies but at least my social life has improved a little. Well, kinda. I seriously can’t wait till life after O levels. It’s coming soon and I can sense it, but O levels will come first. It makes me sick to think about my possible results, especially for Maths and Chem.

Life is screwed on many different layers. I really just feel so peaceful at times, yet turbulent emotions choose to jolt through my mind just when everything seems in place. At those times, everything just closes in and I go: No. It’s just a dream.

But now, it’s only 2 months left. If I haven’t wake up from my dream, it’s high time I slap myself awake.

Today, I am just stopping by for some quick and more light-hearted updates.

I discovered GEMS in Singapore.

Haha nah they are actually just home-based salons. I think it’s a really cool concept because I will probably just feel awkward if I go to public salons. This is probably the closest I can to having a private beautician/manicurist/hairstylist for now. It’s wallet friendly too.

I think I am lucky to be living near some of the better-known and well-established home-based salons in Singapore. I found an eyelash extension salon and a facial salon really near my place of residence. However, my hairstylist doesn’t live so near me but it’s okay. If everything goes well, I will be in the hands of these professionals in the days leading up to prom. I’ve already scheduled appointments with my eyelash technician(?) and hairstylist. I am trying to get an appointment with my beautician and also on the mission of finding a home based nail salon.

These are what has been keeping me alive. A glimmer of hope that never dies.



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