The Unreliable Reliance


Typing this out with Skinfood’s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask on my face hehe. It’s my second try, and if I am asked to describe this mask with a sentence at this point of time, I guess I will say this.


Haha yes no kidding lol. It smells so nice, I had to stop myself from swiping some from my face and licking it off my finger. Okay, this sounds weird but yeah. My point is, it smells (and probably tastes) delicious.

This is not a review but oh well, I am just gonna voice my current thoughts. Unlike the first time, this mask feels like it’s heating up on my face now. And the tightening effect seems less obvious as compared to the first time. Hmmm… I hope nothing is wrong.

Okay, 10 minutes is up! Time to rinse it off~ Be back in a bit 🙂

Back in bed with a can of iced lemon tea! Fun fact about Mitchie: She loves green tea. If there’s no green tea, lemon tea will do.

Okay I diverted a lot, as usual~ Back on track to our topic of the day, a.k.a #totd – The Unreliable Reliance. If you have read my previous posts, you would already have known about this friend of mine called Eurony. Besides being a really close friend, she is also my studymate. We started studying together in May, and we just kept it going for almost every week. The reason why I love studying with her is because I find my study sessions to be quite productive with her. However, things started changing in June, the current month. Study dates with her started getting less and less productive. We are not very sure what went wrong – hell, it could be anything from our moods to the study environment. However, we are sure that if this goes on, we are gonna screw prelim one so bad. Also, we realised that we tend to slack when we are not out studying together. Today, we made a decision that I thought we will never make: to study by ourselves at home for the rest of the holidays.

Our theory is that we have grown too reliant on each other, such that we only felt motivated to study when the other person is around. However, this motivation is slowly weaning off as well. I highly suspect that the root of this so-called motivation stems from the initial excitement of studying with a distanced friend. But now that we have closed our gaps so much more, the excitement is wearing off rapidly, and so is the motivation that came with it.

We then recalled how we used to be able to study at home independently. After much consideration, we decided to take a huge risk and trust ourselves to have the discipline to study alone at home. Yes, note how I said “take a huge risk and trust ourselves” lol.

Well, the decision is made, there’s nothing else we can do now but to try and keep our promises to ourselves and each other. We even agreed to wake up at the same time to study. We settled on 9:30am tomorrow, but I will probably be getting up earlier for a trip to Giant (a supermarket) to get what I need for lunch. Yeah I plan on making a healthy and economical lunch for the first time in my life. How else will I get the fuel to study? Heh.

Off to research more on healthy, quick and easy lunch recipes! If all goes well, I will be back tmr night to blog about my two missions, which I proudly named Operation Solo Warrior and Operation Chef4Lunch.

P.S. I might be postponing Operation Chef4Lunch till Monday because tmr is a Sunday and my dad might be at home! Eek. I don’t want my parents to see me cooking. They might get all naggy that I am just going to screw everything up with my lack of experience, or, in their words, my act-smartness. LOL there’s no such word but nobody cares.


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