The Belated Update

Hello people. I am so sorry for temporarily neglecting this blog. Truth is, I was not that busy, and I really wanted to blog but I just didn’t. Sigh… I am typing this out now while on the way to meet two sellers (from Carousell) in Tanjong Pagar. I realised, once again, that I have an extremely limited wardrobe selection LOL. So, I went for a tiny shopping spree on Carousell yesterday. For those who don’t know, Carousell is a Singapore app created specially for Singaporeans to sell and buy things. Or even trade. It’s just a giant online market.

This time, the items I bought were really great steals. There’s this  pair of scallop shorts at $5, this nice, pink off-shoulder top that goes well with any shorts or jeans at $6. According to the seller, she bought it at $12!! And it’s new somemore! Hehehe what luck. After that, I will be going up to Bukit Gombak to meet another seller. This time, it is for a 15-colour concealer palette. Apparently, eBay sells it too, and many bloggers raved about it. I don’t really like shopping in eBay, so yuppp.

Awww I have reached way ahead of time. Well actually, I haven’t really. I am at Outram Park, which is just one stop away from Tanjong Pagar. I am supposed to meet the seller at 5.10pm, and it’s only 4:45 now so yeah.

Ehh. It’s kinda awkward here. The train came and everyone boarded while I am just sitting down with my fingers flying across my keypad. Okay, I am not that fast a typer, but you got it. I must have seemed like some sms-maniac LOL.

I am kinda wishing that I had stopped at Tiong Bahru station instead. I don’t know why, but Tiong station has this really nice fragrance. Like some hotel/aircon fragrance I can’t really describe hahaha. Okay I am weird, but I know there are people who think the same way ha.

Now, let’s backtrack a little, shall we? Hmm when did I last blog? Last sat? Okay. So I basically slacked around for Sunday and Monday. I was busy watching Hotel King LOL. So much for studying. Did I mention that one of my fave Korean actors, Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) is the lead in this drama? His co-star, Lee Da Hae (이다해) is super gorgeous too. Her eyes *-* and the show itself is damn nice, especially the first 15 episodes or so. Then after that, it started getting confusing and I lost interest a little. It’s still nice though.

Okay I am at home now, and it’s 9:04. I realised I don’t look all that great in that pink pullover… Or maybe because I tried it on without taking off my lime green school tee, so it looks weird xD

Okay, picking up from where I left off! After two days of slacking, I met up with Eurony for another study date on tue, slacked again on wed, and studied with her again on thu. Today, friday, I slacked again and just spent the whole day scrolling through listings after listings on carousell and hopping from place to place to meet sellers. Pfft. Yes, I am horrible, I know. You must feel so cheated if you saw my ‘Back To Reality (Because Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses)’ post. So much for those big, philosophical words. So much for living life to the fullest. Even now, the devil inside me whispers. “Come on! Living life to the fullest means doing what you want and love. Shopping is both what you want and love, so why not?”

The angel yells back angrily. “That’s not true!! Living life to the fullest means giving your best at everything you do and not giving up until you achieve your goals! That way, you can be truly happy. At your age, studies take precedence over all but health, and you should try your best at it. THIS, is living life to the fullest. Doing what you need to do to the best of your ability.”

In this heated argument, I realised something. Both are right. Yes, you read that right. Both the angel and devil are right. Yes, it is important to do what I want and love in life. It’s my life, and I shouldn’t live the way others want me to. IT’S MY LIFE. But the angel is right too. The only way to attain true happiness is to work hard at something I know I need to do and enjoy the fruits of my effort, knowing that I have done my very best. Why? Because after the sense of achievement, I can finally do the things I truly want to do without worrying about the the things I need to do. On the other hand, if I keep on prioritising the things I WANT to do over the things I NEED to do, I can never be free of the things I need to do, and that moment of happiness I gained from doing what I want to do will be short-lived. For after that fleeting illusion comes sleepless nights filled with worries and anxiety; comes a reality as bleak as the vast ocean without a single soul.

P.S. Yes, abrupt ending but I hope to leave these words ringing in your minds. It’s hard to always do something you don’t want to, and it takes an incredible amount of self-discipline too. I am not saying that you can’t take a break and indulge, but at the end of the day, just before you sleep, reflect a little. Ask yourself if you over-indulged. I definitely did, and it’s a mistake I must learn to correct. It will take time, but I don’t have too much of it until my finals. For those of you out there who still have plenty of time, remember this: Time and tide waits for no man. None at all.

P.S.P.S. Will do a separate post on my buys today, WITH PICTURES. I promise! HAHA.


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