Shopping Spree x Makeup Fiasco & The Unplanned Study Date

Today was a hectic day.

“What, hectic? Oh c’mon, you are just using that as an excuse for not exercising, aren’t you?”

Wrong. I exercised okay. Ha. In your face.

The day started out pretty well. With a thunderstorm. Before you start wondering if I am being sarcastic or plain crazy, hear me out. I think it is a good thing because these few days have been so hot; I am starting to think that Singapore is one big, diamond-shaped oven. Besides, I will be under shelter in the comfort of West Mall. What have I got to worry about?

As usual, I went up to Watsons on the second level of the mall and made a beeline for the makeup section. At first, I was happily testing the blushes, bronzers and foundations on my backhand and wrist. It was not until both my hands were smeared with makeup did I reach for my wipes… And realise I left them at home.

In case you don’t know, most Watsons and Guardian outlets in Singapore do not provide tissues of any kind by the makeup counter. I remembered reminding myself to bring my wipes the night before. I remembered seeing my wipes in the morning. Hell, I even took it and… Placed it on my bed.

Seriously? Desperately, I went around the store hunting for non-rinse makeup remover testers. Finally, I found one. It’s from Bifida. I was delighted when I saw that it is advertised as being capable of removing makeup without water. I quickly squeezed some onto my palm and rubbed it all over my hands. But wait… Why isn’t the makeup coming off? I dispensed some more of it. Still, the results were rather unsatisfactory. I let out an exasperated sigh and deemed the product useless. In the end, I only got a Benzac AC 2.5 Gel from the store.

Unwilling to end my shopping spree just like this, I made my way down to Guardian. Yes, I was still hopefully searching for a better makeup remover. My search was fruitless, and I only picked up Revlon’s Nearly Naked Pressed Powder for my base makeup. I failed to find a satisfactory concealer. I was about to check out and leave the store when a label caught my eye – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! I stopped in my tracks and went to investigate. Guess what? It’s the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick! Each of these babies retail for S$18.90. One for one free? On! So even though I didn’t set out to buy lip colours, I went home with two of these babies. I shall do a review on them next time!

When I got home, Wendy (my friend for almost 7 years) asked me out for a study date. So, out I went again after a quick and extremely unhealthy lunch of Maggi curry noodles. For those who don’t know, it’s just Singapore’s version of instant noodles with curry seasoning.

We went to mac to study. It was a wrong choice. We studied history for one hour before Wendy was tempted by the food. Even though I don’t have the urge to eat it, I bought some McWings for myself because fried chicken is always welcome. I paid S$5.85 for the set meal, which came with medium fries and a drink. Now, I didn’t really want the fries and drink, but hey, if I order just the chicken, I have to pay $4. Somehow paying an extra $1.85 for the drinks and fries made everything seem so much more worth it. Okay, I know. I gotta stop being so obsessed with calculating everything’s worth at the expense of, say, my health. In the end, I drank only half of my Sprite and shared some of my fries with Wendy. Lesson learnt: Buy only what is necessary, not what seems more value for money.

Another hour of eating and chatting passed. We decided that we have no more mood for studying. Off to the Bukit Batok Nature Park we went. It was a wrong choice too. Thanks to my shoes which were obviously not suitable for hiking, my feet suffered.

I then recalled my exercise plans. In the end, I dragged her along with me to the fitness corner near my house and started doing the Drop 10 Workout. Man, was it tough. I didn’t manage to complete everything. I did most though, so NO JUDGING. It’s my first attempt at this, okay?

After our “mini” workout, I was drained. And dazed. We just sat there for some time, staring into space, our minds blank. It was a good feeling though. At times like this, I fell a little deeper in love with working out. I know I want to do it again. And I will, soon.

Dinner was takeaway Hor Fun from the hawker centre near my house, and after replying to a few emails and messages on Kakaotalk, I went out to the living room and guess what. The TV is on, and so is the ad for the exact same Bifida makeup remover I saw (and used) earlier this morning. I sneered at the ad, until I saw the model removing her makeup with a cotton pad.

What? A… Cotton pad…? Then, it hit me. Damn. What was I thinking of, trying to remove makeup without a cotton pad? I suspect that I was too impressed with how alcohol hand sanitizers clean by disappearing in my palms, that I thought that a non-rinse makeup remover can remove makeup too by disappearing in my palms. Well, disappear it did. But without a cotton pad, don’t even think about removing your makeup with a non-rinse makeup remover. I felt so stupid. Well, just let this be the second #lotd – lesson of the day. LOL.


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