Hey so I just got back from the dentist’s and as promised, I am here to blog about getting my stitches out. I woke up at 8.30am and left the house at 10. Yep, I need 1.5 hours to get ready. Nah jk. I was actually done and ready to go by 9.30 but who wants to be in a place without wifi? So, I decided to reply some emails with the extra time.

When I was ready to leave, I went crazy trying to find my keys. They are missing 80% of the time lol. In the end, I found them buried under a stack of papers in my drawers. *facepalms myself x10000000*

Now to the real thing itself. I went into the office and was greeted by my surgeon and his assistant. Oh, did I mention that my surgeon has this really cute way of talking? It’s almost like he is acting cute lol. Nvm, that’s not the point. He asked me if it hurts after the surgery and I just said no. I told him one of the threads came loose and he chuckled. Yes, he chuckled. And I have no idea why ._. I was thinking: Huh? Funny meh? LOL.

It hurt a little when he actually took out my stitches. The tweezer-like tool he used kept on poking into my gums and it’s sorta painful, like mini injections. Still, it was quite bearable and definitely better than when I got anaesthesised. And his assistant kept using a dental mirror (?) to push back my upper lip. That darn mirror was pushed really hard against my gum though. Ouch. Btw, I am scolding the tools instead of the people because I am nice. Thank goodness it’s all over within a few minutes. Overall, it is somewhere between a little to moderately painful. Nevertheless, I sure am glad that those threads are gone from my mouth. They feel weird.

After that, I asked my surgeon if it will be painful when my orthodontist starts pulling out my teeth using the gold chains. He was like, “不会啦。你有绑牙对吗? 紧紧的 lor,” (“No la. You got braces right? Will have a tight feeling lor.”) in that cute (?) voice. LOL. He seems very blur and cute in a gong-type of way but I guess he isn’t blur or gong if not he wouldn’t be a surgeon hahaha. It’s just the way he talks and his looks. I meant all this in a good way btw. Not judging ^_^

Sigh going back to see my orthodontist on 25 june. I think he will start pulling my teeth down then. Good luck to me. I am still a little worried that it will hurt though. I no longer trust people when they tell me something doesn’t hurt. LOL my broken trust.

I am sorry I know I am lame.

Eating cherries now. Honestly, I don’t like them but mum said it’s good for females (you know why) so I have to eat it. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, and yes, I know cherries cost a bomb in Singapore, but the red juice is just euhhh and the taste is just urhhhh. Okay what am I talking about? Go and try one, and if we have similar tastebuds, and taste in general, you will know what I mean.


P.S. Sorry there are no accompanying pictures once again (except for the cherries). Firstly, my phone cam is down. Secondly, I am sure none of you are interested in my teeth. Sorreh :< And I didn’t name-drop in this post because as you saw, I didn’t say wonderful things about them lol. And it’s not a review so yeah. If you want to know, drop me an email at stoneeden@yahoo.com.sg

P.S.P.S. Going on a study date with Eurony tmr! It’s been so long 😦 Will blog about it tmr or on sat 🙂


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