My Longest Email

Emails from my new Korean friends!

Hi! Just wanna do a quick update before the clock hits 12 midnight. On monday, I set up an account with Students of the World. For those who don’t know, it is a penpal site where you can meet new friends from all over the world. I messaged a few Koreans around my age using the message feature. I started getting replies and emails since yesterday.

One of them in particular was really good in english, to the point where I might have mistaken her as someone from a country with english as the first language had I not known that she was a Korean. I was really, really impressed. She asked me some questions (nothing too personal), which I eagerly proceeded to answer. Before I knew it, I sent the longest email I have ever written in my whole life. She then replied with one that is almost as long as mine. Once again, I was awed by her fluency in english.

I really hope that I can build lasting friendships with my new friends. It will be nice if I have local friends to meet up with when I visit Korea next time. Also, I hope I can get a chance to practise my Korean with them even though I have a feeling that they might want to converse in English instead. Perhaps they want to practise English? Haha.

Also, they were all really impressed when I used a little bit of Korean in my messages! I realised that even a simple “안녕하세요” which means ‘hello’ in korean made them go, “Oh! You know korean?” and if I formed basic sentences like “이동욱는 정말 좋아해요.” (I really like Lee Dong Wook), they went “Wow! Your korean is really good!” Haha I am feeling quite proud of myself with all the praises pouring in! Although I really shouldn’t because my korean is nowhere near an elementary school kid’s level. Some of them are also really flattered by my interest in their country! I mean, if a foreigner is interested in Singapore, I will most definitely be flattered too, but don’t Koreans know how awesome their country is? South Korea has already swept the world by storm with Hallyu stars, kdramas, kpop, kfashion and k-whatever-you-name. Still, it’s great that they are appreciative and humble.

I really can’t wait to meet more friends! If you want to meet friends from all parts of the world, I strongly recommend you visit
I hope you forge lasting friendships and gain a lot of knowledge about other countries!


P.S. In around 10 more mins it will be a new day again! Going to get unstitched 😉 see my  second post for more info! One of my stitches undid itself oops. I really hope it doesn’t hurt to take out the rest of the stitches. Will blog about it tomorrow.

Until then ♥


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